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Rene's Mexican Kitchen in the News

Taco Bus Founder Opens An Inexpensive, 5-Star Mexican Takeout Joint in Tampa: "Best Tacos In Town"

Suffering a severe injury in a devastating gas explosion and then spending months in the hospital might sideline some restauranteurs. But not Chef Rene Valenzuela...

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One Night in Tampa: Foodie Roadtrip Edition

One night in tampa

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Owner of the original Taco Bus opens new restaurant in Tampa

New beginnings and chapters always go over better with good food, but what about when the new beginning is food?

Chef Rene Valenzuela knows a little bit about starting a successful restaurant. 

He founded the original Tampa Taco Bus restaurant, which he brought to local fame until he sold it in 2015. 

While he was starting over, a flash fire left him with severe injuries and a long rehab journey. Not to be kept down, Valenzuela recovered from his injuries and returned to creating great food...


For Taco Bus founder Rene Valenzuela, a delicious second act
Rene’s Mexican Kitchen is serving up some of the Tampa Bay area’s best — and most unique — tacos.

TAMPA- Last week I caught up with Rene Valenzuela. He sounded pretty busy. 

It was May 4 and I had somehow blanked that the next day was Cinco de Mayo - the busiest day of the year for those in the taco game.

But while the chef and owner of Rene's Mexican Kitchen had more important things to do than talk to me, he was happy to stay on...

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